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Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. -Henry David Thoreau

After  a challenging and fulfilling 16 years in business, Gryphon Communications is taking a break to pursue new ventures. While we will continue to support our valued existing clients, we are accepting new work on a limited basis.

Jose Bautista, Principal Technology, has followed his dream and is now a fulltime psychology professor at West Valley College, and an evening lecturer at San Jose State University. He has little time to provide the exceptional programming services that have been the backbone of our business. Kathi Cushman, Principal, Creative Services and Graphic Design, is taking time to nurture her jewelry and art business. She does plan to reopen Gryphon as a web design and basic development shop in the future, but not until she has concentrated her efforts to give this new endeavor a chance to grow and flourish. You may find her first online store at, and she will also be adding a blog and other info to her personal web site,

We are so grateful for the rich variety of projects our clients have brought to us since we opened our doors for business. We hope you'll stay in touch, and stay tuned for our reentry!

Warmest wishes,

Kathi and Jose